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All plans include these powerful features, and more.

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Vendor Rolodex

No more searching online and digging through old timelines to find vendor contact information.
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Genius Feature

Enter the basic information for a wedding, and Timeline Genius will create a detailed, customized initial timeline for you!
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Create your own customized templates, or use our preset templates, to start your timelines.
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Bulk Time Shifting

When you change the time for one item, you can also instantly shift the times for as many other items as you want.
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Tailored Timelines

Timeline Genius automatically creates tailored timelines for your clients and vendors showing only the items relevant to them.
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Sharing Timelines

Download your timelines in a professional PDF format and/or email them out directly from Timeline Genius.
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File Management

Upload floor plans, images, and vendor documents to your timeline.
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Brand Preferences

Customize your timelines to reflect your brand and personal touch.
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Text Reminders

Set text reminders in advance to go out on the wedding day to all key players.
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Invite your clients and vendors to a web-based version of the timeline.
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Mobile Friendly

Access the full array of Timeline Genius features on your mobile devices
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Time Tracking

Timeline Genius automatically tracks the time you and your team spend working on each timeline.

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