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Our Customers

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    Mili Shah


    “Timeline Genius has saved me numerous hours while creating timelines for events. I HIGHLY encourage any event planner to get onboard with Timeline Genius, and you will NOT be disappointed with the results.”

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    Kimberly Richmond


    “I have been happily using TG to create timelines for the past year and I couldn't be happier with the product. I cannot say enough great things about TG and would highly recommend it to any wedding planner who is looking to make their life easier! I love Timeline Genius!”

  • Suzanne 82246fcc924750830fe4857fa4a41c4a344169d0ba5ce0b10496688a76c09af9

    Suzanne Halaska


    “Timeline Genius has saved me numerous hours in creating timelines for all of my weddings. This website is a wedding planner's dream. I would highly recommend Timeline Genius to any wedding planner for its professionalism, quality, and great customer service.”

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