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Stop laboring over your timelines.

Your days of working tediously on Word or Excel timelines are over. Timeline Genius saves you precious hours and takes the pain out of creating timelines.

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  • Custom-Made

    Start your wedding timeline by answering a few basic questions about your upcoming event. Then, Timeline Genius will use that information to give you a custom-made timeline template.

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  • Contact

    Timeline Genius lets you save the contact information for all of your vendors, venues, and clients. This way you can add contacts to your timelines in seconds. No more reentering vendor contacts every time you do a new timeline.

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  • Fully

    Easily edit every aspect of your timelines. Change any of the text in your timeline items. Add new timeline items, or remove them. Change the time of your timeline item, and it automatically moves to the right place.

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  • Tailored

    Automatically create tailored timelines for the wedding party and for your vendors or venues. Just check the “wedding party” box on a timeline item, or associate it with a vendor or venue. Timeline Genius then knows which timeline items to automatically assign to each party’s tailored timeline.

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  • Client Access

    Invite your clients to view their timelines online, and set their access rights for each timeline item. You can let clients edit a timeline item or just let them view it. Or you can hide a timeline item from them if it’s a surprise.

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  • Email, Print, and
    Save PDFs

    Want to take your timelines offline? No problem, just download them in PDF format, or print them out. You can do this for the full timeline and the tailored timelines for the wedding party, vendors, or venues. When you’re ready to share a timeline with your vendors, Timeline Genius lets you easily send out emails with PDF attachments.

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