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How Soirée Weddings Handled a Record Number of Weddings in Style

About Soirée Weddings

Soirée Weddings is a premier Midwest wedding planning company based in Iowa City. With over 500 weddings under their belt, the Soirée team has the experience and expertise to consistently produce beautiful weddings for their couples.

In their own words, they make sure that, “No detail is forgotten and that everything is executed smoothly.”

Life Before Timeline Genius

In the fall of 2020, Soirée Weddings owner, Emily McMahon, was reflecting on her business and recovering from the impact of COVID. Twenty-nine of her weddings had been either canceled or postponed that year.

As she looked ahead to 2021, she saw that Soirée was going to handle more weddings than ever before (over 50). And she knew this would present a major challenge for her team because of the incredible level of detail they put into their timelines and planning.

Emily’s approach to doing timelines (and her team’s approach) has always been to meticulously think through every detail and facet of the event. As a result, their timelines are often over 30 pages long!

Not only that, the Soirée team developed the practice of also creating individualized timelines for the guys, ladies, family, and vendors. These extra timelines were a great professional touch, but they required many extra hours of manual work.

As Emily looked ahead to 2021, she knew she needed to upgrade her tools in order to handle her increased volume without compromising the quality of Soirée’s work.

Switching to Timeline Genius

Our software looked exciting and promising, but Emily had understandable concerns about trying out a new system. She already had a complex system in place, and she didn’t know how much work would be involved in making the transition. Furthermore, she was worried that she might invest time trying out a new system, only to find that her old way was better.

To move forward, Emily leaned into her proactive, get-things-done personality. She started a free trial and then she scheduled a call with our Account Development Manager, Brooke Bowenschulte.

After talking with Brooke, Emily was convinced that Timeline Genius would be a game changer for her company. Her next step was to move efficiently through the onboarding process.

Rather than trying to figure everything out on her own, Emily had multiple Zoom meetings with our Customer Success Manager, Alex Mitchell. Working with Alex, she was able to fully adapt Timeline Genius to Soirée’s specific needs and workflow.

All in, Emily was able to get her team running on Timeline Genius with much greater ease than she expected.

As Emily says, “Brooke and Alex were great. I felt so supported as I was getting ramped up on Timeline Genius, and that made the transition really manageable.”

Soirée's Big Wins

Now that Soirée is set up on Timeline Genius, Emily says, “It has totally transformed my business!”

They’ve gotten huge boosts in their productivity with features like Time-Shifting, which allows them to instantly shift the times for multiple timeline items.

She also loves that Timeline Genius automatically creates individualized timelines for her brides, grooms, ladies, guys, and vendors. This eliminates the countless hours of manual work they used to do.

Above all, Emily and her team love how Timeline Genius brings together everything they need on the wedding day, in one place. When clients or vendors have questions or comments about the timeline, they can post them in the collaboration view. As Emily says, “When any family member or vendor asks a question, I can just point to the timeline and know the information is there.”

With Timeline Genius, Emily and her team feel more efficient, organized, and confident than ever before. And their business is thriving!