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How Irene Tyndale Found a Better Way to Customize Her Timelines

About Irene Tyndale

An award-winning boutique event planning firm founded in 2012, Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events provides seamless event management from design to execution.

Meet Irene Tyndale

A planner with over 25 years of planning experience, Irene earned her Bachelors in Organizational Communications from the University of Central Florida. Prior to launching her own business, she worked as a corporate planner for notable hotels in the Atlanta area. She is also a Certified Wedding Planner through Marriott International. Today, in addition to being the CEO of Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events, she is an Industry Educator, Speaker, Author, and Coach.

Making Timelines on Her Own

Irene recalls a weekend that she had two weddings. In her preparation, she printed both timelines and placed everything she needed for each event in its own folder, which she placed on her desk. However, when she left, she took the wrong folder. And didn’t realize until she’d arrived at the venue. 

Fortunately, her husband was able to email her the files she needed in time, but it made her realize the consequence of being the only one with access to event files. 

Plus, she started every single event timeline from scratch and spent hours creating timelines. 

Then when a vendor recommended Timeline Genius, and she started a free trial, she realized that Timeline Genius let her customize the items she always did on her own but in an efficient and professional way. And it opened numerous other ways to easily communicate with everyone involved while keeping everything digitally organized in one place. 

Creating Timelines in Her TG Account

When Irene uses Timeline Genius, she loves that she can create the templates her team uses yet not have to be the only one doing timelines. So she can set expectations and maintain brand consistency yet her team can function without her direct involvement. 

She also LOVES that TG turns her timeline into “a LIVE document”. Aside from the customization and collaboration features, TG gives you control: “you can set it and forget it or you can manipulate it”.

The software itself is not only “easy to learn” but Irene also laughs when she says your TG timelines are “gonna make you kinda popular” with clients as well as vendors!

Using TG to Grow Her Team and Business!

With easy onboarding and dedicated support from the TG Customer Success team, Irene implemented Timeline Genius and never looked back. 

In the 5 years since switching to TG, Irene has been able to hire additional team members, including an operations manager, production manager, and assistant. 

As an Educator, she’s now also a frequent industry speaker and has established her own coaching and mentorship program for wedding professionals.

Irene believes that the time she’s saved through streamlining her timeline process and the ability to delegate to her team has enabled her to step into her role as CEO of Irene Tyndale Weddings and Events. No longer having to manage everything herself, she’s able to look at the bigger picture and grow her company.  

Using Timeline Genius makes Irene stand out as “the expert in the room”. With all the details in one place, you stay in control with everything you need right there.

Irene’s advice to anyone considering Timeline Genius? Try it out. As she says, “it doesn’t cost a lot to try something new, but it can cost you clients if you don’t!”