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When you use Timeline Genius,
here are some of the
you’ll enjoy...


Create your wedding day timelines in 65% less time!
And use that saved time to build your business and have a better work-life balance :-)


Build trust with your clients and vendors!
With Timeline Genius, you’ll have everything you need for the wedding day, all in one place. Your attention to detail, organization, and professionalism will shine and earn trust from your clients and vendors.


Save stress, and enjoy your job more!
Timeline Genius takes the pressure off you by thinking through the wedding day details with you, helping you avoid mistakes. Hey, who said timelines can’t be fun?!

Here’s what planners say about Timeline Genius!

Here are some of the powerful FEATURES
Timeline Genius puts at your fingertips.

Vendor Rolodex

No more searching online and digging through old timelines to find vendor contact information. Timeline Genius saves all of your vendor contacts and automatically adds them to your timelines.

Enter the basic information for your weddings, and Timeline Genius automatically creates a detailed, customized initial timeline for you! This saves you hours, right from the start.


Create your own customized templates, or use our preset templates to start your timelines. Either way, Timeline Genius saves you time by automatically changing the names and dates to customize everything for your actual event.

Bulk Time Shifting

When you change the time for one item, you can also instantly shift the times for as many other items as you want. No hassle, no wasted time.

Tailored Timelines

Timeline Genius automatically creates tailored timelines for your clients and vendors showing only the items relevant to them. This makes life easier for everybody, which leads to more referrals and business for you.

Sharing Timelines

Download your timelines in a professional PDF format and/or email them out directly from Timeline Genius. (Get ready for the compliments you’re going to be getting on your timelines!)

File Management

Upload floor plans, images, and vendor documents to your timeline. Everything you need on the wedding day is organized and accessible, all in one place!

Customizable Preferences

Customize your timelines to reflect your brand and personal touch. Change font families and margins, add your logo, insert images, etc. to make things look the way you want.


Invite your clients and vendors to a web-based version of the timeline.
And manage everybody’s access rights on a person-by-person, item-by-item basis. This keeps you in the driver seat, collaborating efficiently.

Text Reminders

Set text reminders in advance to go out on the wedding day to all key players. This helps your events run seamlessly and makes a great impression on everybody you work with.

Mobile Friendly

Access the full array of Timeline Genius features on your mobile devices. Smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android — Timeline Genius is with you wherever you are.

Time Tracking

Timeline Genius automatically tracks the time you and your team spend working on each timeline. This lets you easily monitor your most precious asset — your time.

Start your free trial of Timeline Genius today, and you’ll get our Wedding Pro Success Kit as a bonus!

This kit is packed with 5 valuable resources, all designed to help you take your wedding planning business to the next level!

Your Wedding Pro Success Kit includes:

Top 50 Wedding Business Growth and Empowerment Tips, Vol. 1
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Top 50 Wedding Business Growth and Empowerment Tips, Vol. 2
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The Grow Your Wedding Business Roundup
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5-Step Brand Kit Creator
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Map + Manifest Your Goals Template
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More About Your
Wedding Pro Success Kit...

Your Wedding Pro Success Kit gives you five valuable resources!
And you get them all for free when you start your trial of Timeline Genius!

No credit card. No obligation. You can get started with Timeline Genius and get all of these bonus materials, everything for absolutely free!

Bonus #1
Top 50 Wedding Business Growth and Empowerment Tips
($30 VALUE)
An ebook showcasing the #1 piece of advice that guests on episodes 1-50 gave to wedding professionals.

Bonus #2
Top 50 Wedding Business Growth and Empowerment Tips, Vol. 2
($30 VALUE)
An ebook showcasing the #1 piece of advice that guests on episodes 51-100 gave to wedding professionals.

Bonus #3
The Grow Your Wedding Business! Roundup
($20 VALUE)
A guide to help you easily determine which WII podcast episodes will be the most helpful for your current needs.

Bonus #4
5-Step Brand Kit Creator
($40 VALUE)
An editable template to help you organize all of your key brand information, so you're equipped to do the social media and content marketing to grow your business.

Bonus #5
Map + Manifest Your Goals Template
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An editable template that helps set the key goals needed to grow your business!


See the Full Magic of Timeline Genius

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to start your free trial of Timeline Genius (and whether to get your free Wedding Pro Success Kit), just check out the full demo below!

When you watch this, you’ll see how Timeline Genius will magically transform your whole wedding planning process – saving you tons of time and elevating your professionalism.

This is why so many wedding planners say Timeline Genius is the best investment they’ve ever made!

See What Others Are Saying About
Timeline Genius

“Timeline Genius has saved me numerous hours while creating timelines for events. I HIGHLY encourage any event planner to get onboard with Timeline Genius, and you will NOT be disappointed with the results.”

— Mili Shah


“I have been happily using TG to create timelines for the past year and I couldn't be happier with the product. I cannot say enough great things about TG and would highly recommend it to any wedding planner who is looking to make their life easier! I love Timeline Genius!”

— Kimberly Richmond


“Timeline Genius has saved me so much time in creating timelines for all of my weddings. This website is a wedding planner's dream. I would highly recommend Timeline Genius to any wedding planner for its professionalism, quality, and great customer service.”

— Suzanne Halaska


“I can't even tell you what a change it's been to go from creating our own Word doc timelines to using Timeline Genius. The time saved is immeasurable. It looks beautiful, and it's so detailed and user friendly that I can't imagine not using it.”

— Nora Sheils


“Now that we're using Timeline Genius, our whole team has access to each timeline, so we can print them and see if edits have been made. That's saved us so much hassle. And I love that in Timeline Genius all my vendors are saved. It saves so much time.”

— Mara Marian


“Using Timeline Genius is absolutely amazing! The time-shift feature and the ability to create a wedding party timeline, within seconds, are invaluable to me. I can’t believe I was wasting so much time creating timelines in Word.”

— Tamieka L. Jones


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