Are You Planning Your Own Wedding?

Discover the #1 Thing You Can Do to Avoid Mistakes and to Have a Perfect Wedding Day!

TIP: If you were spending money to hire a professional wedding planner, this is the most important way they would help you plan your big day!


Is This You Right Now?

  • Are you worried that something might go wrong on your wedding day? (E.g., that maybe somebody will show up late for something, or that maybe you'll forget to tell somebody about something.)

  • Are the people in your wedding party overloading you with questions?

  • Do you want to just feel more organized and more in control of your wedding?

If you said "Yes" to any of these questions, you NEED a wedding day timeline!

Your wedding day timeline is the key to having the wedding day you’ve dreamed about.

Your wedding day will be one of the best and biggest days of your life, and you want it to be perfect.

But if you’ve never planned a wedding before, there’s a chance you could forget something important (and regret it for years to come)!

The best way to ensure that your wedding runs beautifully and seamlessly is to create a high-quality wedding day timeline!

What’s a wedding day timeline? It’s the schedule that plans out every important activity happening on your wedding day.

And it’s the one key thing all successful wedding planners use to produce amazing weddings.

Once you have a thorough wedding day timeline, you can sail stress-free into your big day, knowing that every detail is planned out.

As you read this,


“Sure, I’d love to have a professional timeline for my wedding day. But I’m not sure how to create one.”


“It seems like it would take a lot of work to create a great wedding day timeline. And I already feel overwhelmed with planning.”

Well, if you want an easy way to create the perfect timeline
for your wedding day, there's great news!


You can quickly and easily create the perfect timeline for your wedding (so you enjoy a beautiful, seamless day, without feeling stressed)!

You can now actually use the same powerful timeline software trusted by top wedding planners!

Your vendors, family, and friends will be blown away by your organization skills when they see your timeline!

Watch this video to see how you can effortlessly create the perfect timeline for your wedding!

So what is Timeline Genius?

Timeline Genius is a software that lets you easily create a professional timeline for your wedding day.

Until recently, Timeline Genius was reserved for professional
wedding planners, but now it’s available for you too! :-)

And it’s super easy to use!

When you use Timeline Genius,
here are some of the
you’ll enjoy...


Give yourself peace of mind.
With Timeline Genius, you won’t be worried about things going wrong on your wedding day. Every important detail will be planned out thoroughly in advance.


Answer all important questions in one place.
Once you share your timeline with your wedding party and vendors, all of their questions will be answered in one place. So you won't feel overwhelmed by endless back-and-forth communication.


Feel organized, confident, and in control of your wedding.
Timeline Genius puts you in control of your wedding. Your timeline will perfectly organize all of the people, activities, and information for your big day.


Smart Timeline Creation

Enter the basic information for your wedding, and Timeline Genius automatically creates a detailed, customized timeline for you!


Insert images and tables, add custom sections, and easily change activity times. Editing your timeline is a cinch!


Change fonts, add highlights and colors, and totally customize your timeline for your unique wedding.



Instantly create tailored timelines for your vendors and wedding party to show only the items relevant to them.


Give key role players online access to your timeline, and collaborate with them seamlessly.


Automatically add your vendor contact information to your timelines for streamlined communication.



Set text reminders in advance to go out on your wedding day to all key players.


Conveniently store vendor contracts, images, and other relevant files, so everything for your wedding day is in one central place.


Access the full array of Timeline Genius features on your smartphone or tablet.

Get started with Timeline Genius today!

You can get Timeline Genius today for just $29!

You'll gain access to the full range of features on the software, so you can create your perfect wedding day timeline. There are no additional fees.

If you’re planning your own wedding, this will be the best investment you make because your timeline is the plan for your wedding.

Don’t leave your big day up to chance. Use the leading tool trusted by experienced wedding planners to plan your wedding the right way.

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