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Stephanie Brown

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Director of Experience Off the Beaten Path Napa, California

What inspired you to launch your own business?

I first discovered my love of entrepreneurship at a young age, that only continued to grow with me as time passed. I found myself excelling in the financial industry, but at the expense of my happiness and a general feeling of malaise. Due to the events that happened in the housing market and economy in 2008, I found myself not only needing, but wanting a new career. I found the hospitality & event planning industry so interesting and dove headfirst from the ground up in all things food and wine, in wine country. I learned so much, and with my innate passion to connect people with nature along with the area's local, seasonal food and resources, it just made sense to pair everything together in a beautiful package for my clients; helping them to effortlessly celebrate their event in nature.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

The ever dynamic and changing of the seasons, trends, and my couple's desire to celebrate in nature-inspired locations that are "off the beaten path"! I also love bringing in personal elements of each couple as much as possible through their guest's experience of food, flowers, and all the little details that make each event truly unique and personal.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"Hiring Stephanie goes down in the books as the single most important piece of advice I would give to any couple planning a wedding. Everything else could have been a little different and the wedding would have been fine. But a Stephanie-less wedding would have transformed the year before the wedding from full of easy-breezy joy to full of stress. And let’s face it, look at her Instagram, her taste is 100 times better than mine. Without her, my gorgeous wedding that could have been featured on some popular wedding Instagram account would have looked just OK. Working with Stephanie means no matter what, you will have a breathtaking wedding. Whether you are like me and you just want to show up to an Instagram perfect wedding without putting in the work, or you are someone with a vision of the beauty that is going to ooze from every carefully chosen wedding detail….Stephanie is your girl. As I said, I more so fall in that category of “I want a stunning wedding but I don’t want to make it happen.” I showed up and was greeted by what was genuinely the most beautiful event I have ever attended. All I did was send Stephanie a Pinterest board! Not that she did not give me every opportunity to be as involved as I wanted to be. She would often email and ask if I wanted to give input on a certain detail. And if I said yes, she crafted the input into a multiple choice question where I just chose between 3 darling options-totally my decision making speed. I have no doubt she will involve you how you want to be involved. I have no doubt she will ensure your wedding is stunning. I have no doubt she will flow the day along so you can just enjoy it and not once think about if those tables are setup yet or if the band is going to arrive on time. It felt like the magic was gliding the wedding along-and isn’t that what we all want-a magic forward day? HIRE STEPHANIE! You will not regret it. I still feel like I was so much less stressed than all my friends were getting married and I give her the credit for making that the case." - Victoria