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Janna Parrish

TG Certified TG Certified
Owner, Lead Planner Janna Simone Weddings & Events, LLC Raleigh, NC

What inspired you to launch your own business?

I have a heart for serving people. As a little girl, I would help my church decorate events from luncheons to vacation bible school. I would also volunteer for community events with my mother. When I got married, I decided to plan my wedding from start to finish. I then realized that brides should not go through this process alone. I want to be able to support brides who need a listening ear without judgment, someone to be honest with them, and someone who cares about their wedding day just as much as they do!


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

I am passionate about weddings because LOVE WINS. Whether you are young or old, I believe that everyone will find their lifetime partner. Every wedding I plan is a new opportunity to celebrate someone finding their true love!


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"If you are looking for an Event Planner that not only operates in a spirit of excellence, but is personable and skilled to ensure that your event is detailed with you in mind, check out Janna Simone Weddings & Events. They will make sure that you are satisfied." - Angela Fuller