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Halle Neeley

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Lead Planner Halle Neeley Events Atlanta, GA

What inspired you to launch your own business?

At the time I decided to launch my business, I was a full-time student in college. Part of the coursework was to interview someone in the industry you desired to be in. I knew I wanted to be in the events industry but I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do. So, I did a quick google search and found a a local wedding planner. After the interview, she invited me to help work one of her weddings. The wedding took place at one of Atlanta's best venues and the clients had a budget of $50,000, my mind was blown! The day seemed so long but I loved every minute of it. Shortly after that wedding, the planner moved on to other business ventures. After careful thinking, I decided to enroll on The Bridal Society's certification program so I could learn as much as possible about the wedding industry. I launched my business a month later.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

I love educating my clients. Every couple is unique and presents a different set of questions. I absolutely love when I'm able to teach them something new to help them decide between vendors, decor, or even their wedding dress.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"Halle was such a pleasure to work with. If I ever felt stressed she easily made me feel at ease. She answered every phone call, every email and every FaceTime. She made the days leading up to the wedding and my wedding day a success. If you are looking for someone that is dedicated to you... Halle is definitely that person. I would recommend her to anyone and I would definitely try to use her again for another event in the future. Thank you so much for everything you are amazing!" - Bianca Brown