Certified Timeline Genius

Samantha Nelson

TG Certified
Owner EVL Events Buffalo, NY
TG Certified

What inspired you to launch your own business?

I love planning and putting together beautiful events. It all actually stemmed from planning my own wedding. I was so good at it, and looooved working under that crazy amount of pressure!


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

Every wedding is completely different. I love working with new ideas and most importantly I love working with the couples. Meeting new couples and their families is truly a gift.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"Samantha was referred to me through a friend. After our first phone conversation, I hired Samantha and her team to help plan my wedding since my wedding was in Buffalo NY but I lived in Connecticut. There was no way I could've planned a wedding while in a different state! She has different services but we decided on the one where she did all the running around/phone calls and I would make the final decision. Samantha went beyond our expectations and since I know nothing about wedding planning, she took our stresses away. From the tiniest details to the big details, she took me and guided me every step of the way to make the right decisions. Even when I questioned her to make sure "it didn't look too gaudy?" or "Too blingy?" she ensured me that she would tell me if something needed to be changed. She made me feel like I was 100% certain of every decision I made even when I still doubted myself. Being out of town, Samantha did 99% of the running around and was able to change her schedule for me for when I did make it to Buffalo so we could meet and choose flowers, linens, etc, etc. She was and is very accommodating to our needs. She let me be a bridezilla for a split second or cry to her about bridal party issues that arose. Here comes the day of the wedding. All went 100% great while getting the bridesmaids ready and then the church. Now here comes the best part of my day! I walk into Statler and she sneaks me into the venue to get a look before guests are allowed to sit. What I walked into was something I will never forget! My breath was taken away at how beautiful the tables, centerpieces, lights, candles, love sign, etc all were! All my visions that I had expressed to Samantha and what I wanted for my wedding, came to real-life but a million times better than I imagined! When you have months to plan a wedding and you often question how will this look or how will that look, it was breathtaking to see it all together. The centerpieces with candles and how to light reflected off. The color of the linens and chairs to the dessert table to our very precious memory table. Throughout the whole reception, her assistants kept giving up drinks and making sure my husband and I were ok. My whole wedding day went perfectly because of Samantha and her team and the hard work and time they all put in to make my day exactly how I visioned it! If you are looking for a top-notch, grade-A event planner, you will NOT be disappointed with Ellicottville Events! If you want someone who cares about the clients and will do anything/everything possible to do what you want and vision, Ellicottville Events is for you!" - Christina K.