Certified Timeline Genius

Lance T Fletcher

TG Certified
Director of Weddings, Banquets & Events The Club at Grandezza Estero, Florida
TG Certified

What inspired you to launch your own business?

I currently am the wedding planner for The Club at Grandezza country club.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

Bringing a bride's beautiful ideas to life and creating a day to remember.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"Lance Fletcher, Grandezza’s director of banquets & catering services, was absolutely outstanding to work with and the venue itself was equally amazing. My husband and I are very organized type-A teachers, and my mom & dad never miss a detail...if we could let our hair down and put everything in Lance’s hands the day of, you can too! He had my timeline memorized backward and forward and was leading me through the day with gentle check-ins. (Something that I would trust next to no one with- but I didn’t check for the time once on the big day- I knew he’d have me where I needed to be!) A few weeks after the wedding we were out with friends and learned one of our guy friends ran into a water-filled four-foot-tall foot glass vase with floating candles causing it to shatter on the floor just outside the ballroom- no one in my family, including my four nieces and two nephews that were running everywhere that night, even knew it happened... my friend said the staff had it cleaned up and vacuumed before the next song came on. Lance simply took care of it. My wedding ceremony was at a nearby church at noon, and hair and makeup started at 6 am- Lance and the kitchen staff had breakfast sandwiches and fruit ready for us when we walked in the door at 5:45am- and he was happy there with a smile at the very end of the night as my parents enjoyed a nightcap in the lobby after the last guests had left. Guys, he’s amazing. From the first day of planning together, to the countless calls and emails he responded to in record time, to keep us all sane the day of- truly a joy to work with. The venue is gorgeous- and so clean and well taken care of! (Not a paid review, no discounts, etc., just had to spread the word about what a great experience we had!) Thanks, Lance!" - Mary Prebish (bride)