Certified Timeline Genius

Courtney Justice

TG Certified TG Certified

What inspired you to launch your own business?

I knew, given my experience in the hospitality industry, I had a very unique outlook, and wanted to bring this to my own set of couples! I have always dreamed of being a business owner and couldn't wait to fully get things off the ground.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

The incredible couples that I get to work with everyday, as well as the always changing nature of the job (the couples, venues, vendors, trends, etc).


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"Courtney is the event planner that you need, especially if you think you don’t need one. She’s an incredibly special human, and a phenomenal wedding planner. Her assistant, Kayla, is also a dream. Courtney serves as your advocate as a couple. While every other vendor holds both their own interests and yours in mind, Courtney’s whole focus is making sure your needs as a couple are addressed. The most significant contribution Courtney made was serving as a proverbial shield, so that we could focus on enjoying our day while she and Kayla made sure our event went perfectly. Courtney made sure every possible detail was planned for before our event, and the timeline she built managed to keep us on time and not rushed despite an extra hour-long photography excursion and golden-hour planned ceremony. My wife and I were back and forth about hiring a planner- I’m exceptionally (read: borderline problematically) detail oriented, and my wife is superbly organized. After having been in several of our friends’ weddings at various levels of involvement, we thought we had everything pretty under control. We didn’t realize how much richer Courtney would make our day. Courtney read through contracts with us and made sure details we couldn’t have possibly thought of as non-event professionals were addressed. She helped us through negotiations, advising us about what was standard practice for vendors, requesting for important clarifications, and advocating for modifications. She was an excellent communicator, both with us and with our vendors. Courtney also helped us by recommending design elements that were an exceptional value: major visual impact for relatively low costs. Courtney is incredibly thoughtful and invested in you and your event, we’re incredibly fortunate to have found her and grateful to have had her and Kayla by our side for our day." --Megan & Jordy