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Terra Nickelson

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Owner Plan it Terra Wedding Planning & Design Jefferson City, MO

What inspired you to launch your own business?

I started because I had a passion to serve people, to own my own business, and pursue something that made a difference in the lives of people. I started on a mission to create a space for couples to plan a wedding exactly how they wanted. While I still believe these things, my business has transitioned to really focusing on high-quality, high-touch, and highly personalized planning, and our company firmly believes in the tradition of marriage, and we think it is incredibly important to celebrate an incredible union.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

For one, marriage is a big deal. We want to support couples in their journeys to becoming married. We want them to enjoy their wedding day, the celebration, of their union with people whom they love and that love them. We want people to know that getting married is pretty rad! Weddings are so deeply personal and very beautiful; there is an immense amount of intention behind them, and that encourages me to do the absolute best that we can knowing that we are a small piece of a puzzle that tells an entire love story. When you think big picture, it puts a huge smile on your face.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"Terra and her team where an absolute saving grace for our wedding! They 100% knocked it out of the park.Upon choosing Terra and her team she gave us an amazing breakdown of all the things we needed to do and how to complete our tasks. I haven't seen that amount of attention to detail and pristine paperwork since in the military. Terra knows her stuff and has wedding planning down to a science. Even as the day inched closer and my wife and I felt the pressure of the big day nearing, Terra and her team went above and beyond to ease our worries and took charge to keep us on track. The day of the big event I don't think we even had to deal with any issues. Terra and her team were always on top of everything and made it absolutely perfect for us. They are truly wonderful people!" --Bridgette & Ryan