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Crystal Allen

TG Certified
Founder A Perfect Touch Events Detroit, Michigan
TG Certified

What inspired you to launch your own business?

Working in Corporate America, people tend to take on a persona that serves as a filter to some of the real feelings they have. Sometimes we get to a point where success is everything, respect as a professional is fought for, and the journey it takes to get that success and respect forces us to lose sight of the human aspect that's really needed to be successful. I quickly noticed this after starting at my corporate job. A part of my job was listening to not only my clients but to the people around me, and they simply wanted something outside of the tedious and oftentimes emotionally draining routine our work gave to us. After several conversations, I decided to join our engagement team. I challenged leadership to allow me and my team to think outside the box when creating engagement activities for the group. With some stipulations, they obliged. My first event was a Father's Day celebration for our group of 150. I included elements such as a lounge for the fathers to come on their lunch breaks and not only have lunch but also watch some old sports footage, shoot around on an arcade-style basketball net, and drink root beer out of their beer mug gift for the day. The women in the group were also served lunch and had the opportunity to show appreciation for the Fathers being honored that day. With full decor, professional catering, a well thought out timeline, and a day full of smiles and laughter, we deemed the event a success. It was a great satisfaction to see the smile on their faces, the genuine appreciation for their gifts and their overall experience from that event that sparked my interest as an event planner. We continued with several events for major holidays and events honoring our city and group, and soon began to be noticed by upper management. The more I organized those events, the happier I became. My happiness inspired me, but even more importantly the joy my ideas and hard work gave to others gave me an unmatched feeling. With management changes, so did the openness to hold the events for our group. Soon they were totally taken away and it did not go unnoticed. Needless to say, that void of not being able to tap into the creative space that gave me so much comfort in a space that was oftentimes uncomfortable, challenged me to build A Perfect Touch Events. A Perfect Touch Events was born on June 15, 2016, and it's been my growing baby ever since. She, along with clients and my yearning to make every experience a special one inspires me every day.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

I am a lover of love. I believe that in a world that can be so harsh at times, it's important to have at least one person who can be our calm in the midst of a storm. To be a part of the process that joins two people together that can be that calm for each other is magical for me. Every couple I have the opportunity to coordinate a wedding for has allowed me to be a part of their special moment in history and I'm so appreciative of those opportunities. Being entrusted with coordinating what will prove to be one of the biggest and most special days in a family's life is humbling. No wedding is the same so my passion for weddings never becomes a familiar place for me and therefore the passion for weddings never stops growing.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"Crystal Allen was my planner. She and the team she has provided excellent service from the start of planning, bridal shower, venue issues, and my beautiful big day. Everything I asked for was brought to life. She stayed in budget. And, she made me and my husband feel like family. Her team was professional. They acted as if they knew me without asking any questions. Just perfect!" ~Annesha Wilson, Married June 1, 2019