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Saige Stefanski

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Owner & Lead Planner/Designer A Touch of Saige Events Palmer, Alaska

What inspired you to launch your own business?

I have always loved events and helping others. The ability to take someone's idea or inspiration and create a whole new space is so exciting for us. We love being able to open people's minds and introduce new things to our state, as we are often behind the lower 48. Being an entrepreneur runs in my family and I couldn't have imagined doing anything else; events have been my passion since the beginning.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

Always being able to create a new idea, concept, or experience for our couples. They are new to this and may not understand the possibilities when it comes to what they can actually have. It's our goal to make their day one that people won't forget and can leave knowing they experienced something special.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"I’ve really struggled to write this review. Mainly because I just couldn’t find the words. And maybe that’s just it…I cannot find the words to express how amazed and grateful I am to A Touch of Saige Events. When I first reached out to Saige I was just a wreck. We had just canceled our planned wedding in Hawaii due to COVID but were still wanting to keep our original wedding date…just five weeks away! My MIL did some research for me and gave me the names of many wedding planners. So we talked with a few, but it wasn’t until we talked to Saige that we really felt like we were still going to be able to have our wedding...and not just throwing something together! From our first conversation, Saige’s experience and professionalism was obvious…she started asking questions we didn’t even have the answers to yet! But with her encouragement, along with our faith in her, we began re-planning our dream wedding. In a few short days I put together a new Pinterest board—from there Saige just expanded. She had amazing new ideas and concepts, and I basically let her take the reins. In addition, Saige has an amazing network of vendors she frequently works with—within days, thanks to her help, we had all of vendors booked as well. Her recommendations did not disappoint!As planning progressed, Saige checked in with me regarding each new plan or idea, and I gave the yes or no. When it comes down to it, our beautiful, breathtaking reception was all on Saige. On top of that, contracts and questionnaires were pouring in, but by the time I’d looked at them, Saige had already filled out most of them! What she didn’t know we would chat about. Any time I had questions or I was overwhelmed, Saige was there. What I thought was going to be a nightmare to organize came together so smoothly and perfectly, all because of Saige. Just prior to the wedding, Saige, knowing how stressed and overwhelmed I was, checked in on me frequently…just to make sure I was doing okay.For the big day, Saige had everything planned for us…to the minute. It was so helpful, and stress-relieving, to have that schedule to stick to. Additionally, Saige coordinated every detail with all of our vendors so I didn’t have to keep up with who was where and when, etc. Let me just add (again) that our reception was AMAZING. What started as a few Pinterest ideas for a rustic mountain wedding turned into a dream come true. One more magic touch…I saw a cute idea on Pinterest where brides/grooms had made a specialized drink menu named after their dogs. I had wanted to do this but was just too overwhelmed…the night before our wedding Saige showed me our customized sign!! She had taken the drinks we’d discussed and took it upon herself to have those signs made…it may seem silly, but for me, a dog-fanatic, I was flabbergasted.So…maybe I do have some words, a lot of them. I truly will never be able to say enough about Saige. I ran around thanking her and her crew over and over that night… I know a lot of brides can think of this or that..things that went wrong. I can’t think of a single thing, and I suspect I owe that to Saige." --Jennifer Cicali