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Laurie Hartwell

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Founder & CEO The Bridal Society Atlanta, GA

What inspired you to launch The Bridal Society?

I have been in the wedding industry for nearly 30 years, and when I look back to the beginning of my career, I remember wishing there was a group of like-minded wedding planners who were supportive and kind that I could become a part of. After mentoring hundreds of planners, I decided to teach on a larger scale so that I was able to reach more than just those planners who were in my immediate area. I then began to put together a robust Wedding Planning Certification program that could help the masses. I envisioned giving those who go through my course helpful resources and lifetime membership, where they are plugged into our group without having to pay any additional fees. That was the support I was looking for 30 years ago, and it pleases me to no end that I get to give that to thousands of planners around the world. The Bridal Society is now the leading certification program in the nation, and it is the world's largest group of wedding planners and wedding venues.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

So many things. First, I love that trends change every year. I also think it is incredibly interesting that every few years, wedding planners must adapt to the new way couples communicate. Think about it: 30 years ago, there weren't smartphones. There was no Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. We had to get out and hustle the old fashioned way. We either spoke on the phone — not through Zoom or Facetime because those didn't exist — or we met in person. Technology is ever-changing, and I love that we get to learn new ways to use it so that we have better access to our clients and wedding professionals. I think we are all very lucky to be in an industry that keeps us all on our toes.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

I received an email immediately after we launched our online Wedding Planning Certification Course after it had only been available either in person or via webinar. It really hit home how great our course is and how proud I am of what The Bridal Society offers. Here is the review: "I just purchased your online course for the wedding planning lifetime certification. I wanted to reach out and let you know that I am SO incredibly inspired, I DOVE right into the training - I just purchased the course today and I'm already at 35% complete. I can't get enough! As a new planner, I've been searching for valuable resources, watching online YouTube videos, etc. and I was having trouble finding material that I could actually take out into the real world. I've already learned SO much from your program and I'm just in the first half! Thank you for being an advocate for this community, especially for new planners like myself."