Certified Timeline Genius

Erika Abigail Bowers

TG Certified TG Certified
Owner Erika's Elegance Weddings + Events Los Angeles, California

What inspired you to launch your own business?

It came out of a need for my friend. I had just graduated with my Accounting Degree and my friend asked me to plan her wedding. Little did I know that this would ignite a spark in me that would never burn out. So several years later, my passion kept growing and growing and I knew it was time to transition out of corporate into owning my own business.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

The people hands down. I love building relationships and through that, I get a chance to be a part of one of the most important days of their lives. I also get to share in celebrating with their family, friends and those who are most dear to them. I find myself being able to pour into them and they into me and that is an amazing feeling!


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

"There are not enough amazing ways for me to describe the impeccable work of Erika, however, I will do my best! I was the worst bride as I had not planned anything and had little to no idea what my options were. We were only a few weeks out from the big day, with very few opinions as to what I wanted, until Erika came in a saved the day. Before our first scheduled meeting, she had already called, emailed, and provided me with timelines so that she could help me get a better grasp of what I wanted. She showed a true passion for her job and love for us as clients. Once we actually met and went through her well-oiled timeline, she proceeded to show me where there were places to add unique touches and had even brought our DJ along so that we could all sit down together to make sure that everything I wanted could be accomplished. She made sure that we knew the time of sunset on the day so we could get the best pictures, and even started a Pinterest page for me so that she could help bring my vision to life. On the day itself, she arrived with a smile on her face and snacks in hand, something that I had mentioned off-hand in an email, but to her, it was something to make my day stress free. Of course, on any wedding day, something will go awry, but she would never let it be known. My husband had forgotten his suit at home, so when he called her in a panic, she calmed him down and arranged for the suit to arrive shortly thereafter and I was never the wiser. She made sure that all of our parents were well looked after and helped my mom with her shoes. She also had tissues on hand for my father-in-law, made sure that we were all in the right places at the right times, and even graced us with participating in the family photos. She arranged for us to have a few minutes to ourselves before the reception started so we could breathe, eat a few bites, and even helped adjust the hem of my dress. Erika made sure that my day was fun, beautiful, and that no one knew that I was the most unplanned bride in the world." --Leslie Caldwell, bride