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Maiyun T. Johnson

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Owner Intimate Weddings and Experiences by Maiyun Johnson Murrieta, California

What inspired you to launch your own business?

I've wanted to do this for sixteen years. I love creating beauty and happiness.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

Always discovering what I am truly capable of.


Why do you want to be a Planner/Designer?

The things that are important to Intimate Weddings & Experiences by Maiyun Johnson: Being able to bring the clients dream design to life on the client’s budget without any stress, anxiety, fear, or pressure. Making sure that it’s not just the happiest day of their lives, but so memorable that they will share it for generations to come. The values that Intimate Weddings & Experiences by Maiyun Johnson will follow: The client always comes first. The client's happiness is the key to my company's success. We will be as creative as possible when it comes to giving the client what they want within their budget. We will always go above and beyond to think outside the box.