Certified Timeline Genius

Shazard Ali

TG Certified TG Certified
Owner The Event Element Princes Town, Trinidad and Tobago

What inspired you to launch your own business?

1. Mastering my own Destiny I'm afforded the freedom and luxury to work on projects that I have a genuine interest in as opposed to working with project given to me. There is the flexibility in the time and hours of my work. I am able to celebrate my personal victories, embrace my failures, face my fears and grow as an Event professional. 2. Creating a Legacy I want to leave a legacy where the standard of my work, my name, my reputation and my business brand can be around for generations to come; Allowing my family and future generation the enjoy the fruits of my labor and passion. 3. For as long as I can remember I have to been involved with and doing events. Be it from Religious Events, Family Events, School Events etc I therefore decided to evolve from FREE to FEE.


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

First off, I love weddings. A wedding is a culmination of a friendship, joining of two families and the beginning of a new chapter. Just being able to be apart of this momentous event Is enough motivation for me. But it goes further than Planning, Designing and Coordinating to a more personal bond; That first reaction and look on my Bride's face when she sees her dream coming to life, When the Groom shakes my hand and says we could have never done this without you! And we cant do another event without you!! Guests inquiring about who planned and managed everything, that means a lot to me. Being one of the first person in my country to complete Timeline Genius Wedding Day Certification Course is great motivation. These are the things that fuel my passion and love for Weddings and Events because as the old saying goes" Do what you love, love what you do and you will never work another day in your life".


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

Shazard came in as our Wedding Coordinator a few weeks before the big day. His organizational skills and creative flair were second to none. Words cannot do justice to the amazing service delivered to our wedding. He is quick and knows how to handle situations on the spot. He is very detailed and helps relieve the stress of the wedding planning process. Shazard worked with us to finalize timelines, confirm vendors, run rehearsals and of course bring it all together on the day of the event. He moved on schedule and ensured that everyone involved in the wedding knew exactly what they had to do. Shazard is attentive, organized and resourceful. My husband and I are very pleased and recommend Shazard. -Alvin and Lurlynn Singh, November 2019