Certified Timeline Genius

Lydia Lane

TG Certified TG Certified
Owner & Lead Planner Fern & Flair Weddings and Events Portland, ME

What inspired you to launch your own business?

For as long as I can remember I have loved event planning. From small plays I would put together in elementary school to large fashion shows I would plan in my college years it has always been a passion of mine. Back in 2016 I decided to launch my dream of having a wedding planning business and never looked back. My favorite part of wedding planning is being able to create special thoughtful moments throughout a couple's wedding day that they wouldn't necessarily have had without being created. This can look like adding 15 minutes in the schedule to celebrate alone together post ceremony with a glass of champagne waiting for you or a simple reminder to pause and take in the moment before walking down the aisle. Allowing couples to be fully present in their celebration is my ultimate goal throughout the wedding day. We believe in "simply serving you."


What keeps you passionate about weddings?

The people hands down. Of course I love all the details: the beautiful flowers, china, and stationery.. but what I love most of all about weddings is getting to be the one to create special moments and memories for my clients that they will always cherish.


Please share a recent testimonial from a happy client!

Lydia has the most calming, kind, and effective presence. It was an absolute God sent to have her take the reigns a month to our wedding. I actually got to do the fun details while Lydia effortlessly navigated the nitty gritty. She problem solved a rental mistake I had made last minute absorbing all of my fretting and transmuted into a gleaming smile and a problem solved. When it came time for our wedding day we felt so assured and calm by Lydia's expertise that we floated through the whole wedding. We were truly able to fully be present and enjoy every minute with Lydia by our side. She was incredibly graceful at whisking us into the right place at the right time to keep our timeline on track. Honestly just hearing her gentle voice before I walked down the aisle:"Take a moment, you're getting married, whenever you are ready," was worth every penny. You will be in good hands if you hire Lydia. -Hannah R (Seattle, WA)